2022 May 28 - June 14 

Visa is needed to enter Turkey and Iran. 


You can apply for your TURKEY E-VISA ahead of time on the official Turkish government e-visa website here. The approval is almost immediate and you will need to download and print out a copy of the visa.





May 27 ( Fri )  Departure from your city

May 28 ( Sat ) Arrival in Istanbul

Pick Up at Istanbul International Airport (Arnavutköy) 

Check in at Hotel Tel: +0

The Rest of the Day is Yours...


Settle in. Depending on your arrival 

4:00pm Yoga (45-min)

6:00pm Dinner / Drinks at one of the rooftop restaurants with magnificent city view. 

ISTANBUL  is a curious blend dipped in European and Asian culture that has captivated visitors and witnessed the rise and fall of empires that fought to seize its beauty. A sprawling metropolis, Istanbul is a mosaic of sights, where European panache greets oriental mystique, where ancient treasures sit alongside modern designs, and where traditions thrive in a contemporary world. From the great Byzantine structure of Hagia Sophia to the grand Topkapi Palace, there is nothing ordinary in Istanbul. The beauty of the city gets even more eye-catching in July because everything shines under the sun. Istanbul in July is definitely worth visiting and will cast a spell on you!

May 29 ( Sun ) 9:00AM City Tour 

6:00am - 8:30am Breakfast

8:45am Shuttle Tour Pick Up

Hagia Sophia Museum - This monument in Istanbul saw a lot and its walls speak of the various stories it experienced in its past. This current museum dates back to 537 and was first a Basilica. For some time it remained a Roman Catholic church, then a mosque and then the largest cathedral! Now it is a museum showcasing the great Byzantine architecture that you must not miss.


Blue Mosque - a beautiful monument whose structure was inspired by Hagia Sophia. Not only is it a great place to worship but also showcases ceramic tiles and glass windows from a very old time.


Topkapi Palace - You cannot leave Istanbul without visiting the great Topkapi palace. The palace dates back to the 15th century.It is a great example of the Ottoman Empire but what makes it more special is the fact that it is nestled on a hill. The palace also offers jaw-dropping views of the Sea of Marmara, The Golden Horn, and the Bosphorus, another thing that makes it one of the best places to visit in Istanbul in July.

And the Dolmabahce Palace - Newer and more modern than Topkapi Palace, this 19th-century palace became the new home of Ottoman sultans as the Topkapi Palace began falling out of vogue with the royals. Sitting along the Bosphorus Strait, the palace is known for its gilded interior, splashed out with gold and crystal–including 14 metric tons of gold in the ceiling alone!


1:30pm Lunch included (no alcoholic drinks)

7:00pm Dinner

8:30pm WDinner on your own.

May 30 ( Mon) May 31 ( Tues ) This Day Is Yours. See suggested experience below.

6:00am - 10:00am Breakfast

8:00am - Yoga 

No other city in the world spans two continents, so enjoy a progressive dinner over Europe and Asia. Start with fresh mezes (starters) in old Istanbul, then board the ferry in Karaköy for a 20-minute Bophorus cruise to Kadiköy in Asia. Enjoy your main meal near the street markets, and return to Europe to savor desserts in Beyoğlu.

This bridge isn’t exactly the most beautiful bridge around, but it is a hub of activity and connects the neighborhoods of Karakoy and Eminonu/Sultanahmet. It’s a fantastic place to people-watch, and is lined with people fishing all day long on either side of the bridge.

Once you’ve crossed the Galata Bridge, the Spice Bazaar is just a 2-3 minute walk away. Also known as the Egyptian Bazaar or Mısır Çarşısı, the Spice Bazaar was built in the 17th century and features nearly 100 shops selling spices, tea, sweets, jewellery and other souvenir items. Visiting the Spice Bazaar is one of the top things to do in Istanbul and is far less chaotic or sprawling than the Grand Bazaar.

The Grand Bazaar is home to more than 4,000 stores covering 60 streets, most certainly lives up to its name. Open since 1461 and nearly constantly busy ever since, the Grand Bazaar is the perfect place to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Istanbul in a beautiful setting.

Have tea with a shopkeeper.

Visit the Galata Tower at Night

The 5th century tower is one of the top sights to see in Istanbul, and was once used as a prison. 

Get underground at the Basilica Cistern. Descending into the Basilica Cistern is a bit like entering another world: it’s damp, it’s dark, you can hear water dripping, and the rows of columns seem to extend into the abyss. It is the oldest surviving Byzantine cistern in Istanbul, the Be sure to wander all the way to the back –there, you’ll find two gigantic stone Medusa heads, one of which is upside down, that once served as the bases of two of the columns. Their origin remains a mystery to this day.

Take a Bosporus Cruise.

Food and Drinks to Try

Turkey’s mild climate, fertile lands, and proximity to fish from the Aegean, Black, and Mediterranean seas are peppered with the influences of 81 provinces and the speciality dishes of over 20 ethnic groups. A dash of flavor from eight neighboring countries is the legacy of the old Silk Road. Turkey once nourished the capital cities of the Latin, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. What you get today is an enchanting range of delicious cuisine. Turkey is one of the few countries in the world to produce enough food for its people and still have enough left over to export. So by all means go for seconds or thirds, and as we say in Turkey: Afiyet olsun (bon appetit)!

Do what the locals do and practice keyif, the art of idle relaxation. You’ll see this everywhere—men and women relaxing and drinking endless supplies of Turkish çay (tea) served in tulip-shaped glasses. Turks know that good friends are made with keyif, so if you’re offered a çay, stay a while and delight in one of Turkey’s great cultural traditions.