Japan and Bali, Indonesia
2022 June 22 - July 06

Image by Steve Sharp

Tokyo and Osaka

Riding high after its successful bid to host the 2020 Olympics, the capital city formerly known as Edo is a sprawling megalopolis characterized by a blend of ancient tradition and modern luxury. 


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Asian Town

Kyoto and Koyasan   

Formal traditions such as kaiseki dining, impeccably dressed geishas, bamboo forests, Shinto shrines, traditional wooden houses and Buddhist temples and imperial palaces.


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Image by Lin Mei

Mount Fuji & nearby villages

You may get lucky to see Japan's iconic giant mountain, Fuji-san 'Mt Fuji'.

Interesting Fact: Women were forbidden to climb this sacred mountain until 1868. It was first climbed by a monk. 


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Image by Jason Cooper


A small Indonesian island packed with so much - art, crafts, food, gamelan, culture, dense forests and stunning landscape ...


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Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri


We will stay out of town, in the tranquil village of Ubud- walk trough the rice fields, take an art class, get a massage, dine with a view ...


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Payment Plan Available

Fun Fact: Do you know that Indonesia consists of 17,500 and 7,000 of which are the only inhabited? 


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June 21 - 22 (Thurs and Fri) 

Departure from your city/country and Arrival at Osaka International Airport or Kansai International Airport

Airport Pick Up from Osaka only and Check In at Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka or similar

The reason why we're staying here: We will be able to maximize our JR pass for easy day trips to Kyoto, etc. Getting to Tokyo is very easy and straightforward too via bullet train. Lively Dotonbori is just a 20-minute direct subway ride away.

The rest of evening is yours. 

5:30pm Yoga 45-min 

7:30pm Dinner at an agreed restaurant - optional, pay your own. 

June 24 (Fri) OSAKA TOUR - Osaka is sort of the Chicago of Japan or the fun-loving younger brother, with a taste for hearty street food and an easy-going swagger. Here, according to the locals, it’s possible to kuidaore (eat yourself bankrupt).

6:00 - 9:00am - Breakfast

9:00am Walking Tour

Overview: Namba, downtown Osaka, is where many local people head each evening, to peruse the rows of glass-walled malls and restaurants. Most eateries are along Daikokubashi, the city’s liveliest entertainment street. The road straddles the Dotonbori-gawa Canal, its neon signs and animated adverts reflected in the still water. You don’t need a grasp of Japanese to work out what each restaurant is serving — most are bedecked with a giant plastic recreation of their forte above the doorway. Dominating the heart of the city is the handsomely restored Osaka Castle, which sits on a little island of green among the angular, gray cityscape. 

Lunch is yours. FOOD HERE IS AMAZING!


The rest of the day is yours. Suggestions: 

- If you are only able to visit one place in Osaka, make it Dotonbori. The city’s main artery, this street epitomises Osaka culture. The road is packed full of restaurants and bars all vying for your attention with their huge, animatronic signs and bright neon lights. At night, the place can get a bit frantic, as visitors are sucked in and shuffled among the smoking, drinking and street-food gorging crowd. Look for the Kuidaore clown slowly banging his drum and, from the bridge, don’t miss the famous LED Glico Man running across the world. It’s also worth peeking into Don Quixote to find every KitKat flavour imaginable, and keep an eye out for the host boys with their outrageous haircuts and outfits.

- Something cool to do? Make your own CUP NOODLE at Cup Noodle Museum in Kanagawa  

Dinner is yours.

June 25 - 26 (Sat to Sun): KYOTO and Nara

A place of scenic natural beauty since ancient times... There are countless places that both inspire and enchant visitors with their fairy-tale magic and out-of-this world experiences and Kyoto is one; from the spectacular mountain scenery of Arashiyama and swaying bamboo grove of Sagano to the endless tunnel of torii shrine, gates that wind up the mountain in Fushimi, to the breathtaking bay views and crystal clear waters of Ine-cho, known as “The Venice of Japan.”

Furthermore, Kyoto is the Japan of the imagination: a city of grand palaces, Shinto shrines and exquisite gardens, mercifully spared from the bombing of World War II that razed other Japanese cities. While Kyoto is an undeniably modern city, pockets of historic Japan linger here, where kimono-clad geisha still shuffle along narrow, lamp-lit streets.

June 25

6:00am - 9:30am Breakfast and Hotel Check Out in Osaka

10:00am - We will take the Shinkansen 'Bullet Train'

Note on Japan Rail Pass - If you have a Japan Rail Pass, it will allow you unlimited travel on Japan Rail (JR) trains for a week (longer options are also available), the Hikari (not Nozomi) is 100% covered by the pass. The JR Pass is only available to short-term visitors to Japan.

11:00am (approx) - Arrival in Kyoto and Ryokan Check In @ http://hotel-ethnography.com/en/gion-furumonzen/ or similar

Simply put, a ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. That means, the room, and (sometimes) the entire building, is Japanese style. So, you sleep in futons on tatami mat floors. 

The Furumonzen area is an area in Kyoto that has been designated as a protected historical district and, as such, has been protected by the city to this day. The Gion Shinbashi area, located two streets south of Furumonzen street, has maintained its appearance from the late Edo period (early 1800’s) to the early Meiji period (mid 1800’s) with its tea-house style machiya houses and its stone path that runs parallel to the Shirakawa River. We invite you to take a stroll around the beautiful and charming neighborhoods of Gion and explore the old-town feel of Kyoto.

2:00pm KYOTO Walking TOUR 

Known as a cultural capital, Kyoto is considered the home of sake, traditional tea ceremonies, and the birthplace of samurai culture. 

Pay your own Lunch. Dinner is Included. 

The Rest of the Day Is Yours. Suggestion:

The refinement of arts, crafts and pastimes has made Kyoto Japan’s cultural hub, bringing together artists, academics, geisha and artisans. The Women’s Association of Kyoto have established a range of short introductions to various aspects of Japanese culture, craft and cooking that invite visitors to visit a Japanese home and try their hand at traditional skills. Courses are run by women eager to share their hobbies with visitors, including ikebana flower arranging, calligraphy, paper crafts and the tea ceremony.

7:30pm Traditional Japanese Dinner is included.


June 26 FULL DAY TOUR including a Visit to NARA 

Sites to visit for example,

History/Architecture: Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, Nijo Castle, Kinkaku Temple
Traditional/Modern Culture: Gion, Downtown Walk, Nishiki Market
Nature: Arashiyama, The Bamboo Groves, Monkey Mountain, Philosopher's Path

But of course not limited to these.
Each place mentioned above is quite big, and there are always interesting off the beaten paths.
I will introduce these hidden gems, and a lot of photogenic spots.
Time allowing I'm always happy to show you more places around the area we are visiting whether it's a historic sites, beautiful photo spots, or nice cafes etc. . .

6:00 - 8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Tour Pick Up

June 27 - June 28 (Mon to Tues): KOYASAN

If nature indeed brings mankind closer to the cosmos, then Koyasan is its embodiment.

Tucked away in Kansai mountainside lies Mount Koya—a centuries-old spiritual retreat. As one of the holiest and most beautiful places and the very center of Shingon Buddhism- Founder and a leader of this teaching was the great Kobo Daishi (774-835), who is believed to have seen the Great Buddha, after coming out of his meditation.

His mausoleum is an absolute must for all visitors. It is said that Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Shingon Buddhism, is not dead but in eternal meditation while awaiting Miroku Nyorai – the Buddha of the Future. During his time in meditation, people say that Kobo Daishi helps those who ask for salvation and relief.


June 27

6:00 - 9:00am Breakfast and Check Out in Kyoto

9:30am Depart for Koyasan 

Note: No direct train from Kyoto to Koyasan. We will have (at least) two train transfers and maybe a cable car ride to get to the city.

12:00pm (approx) Arrival in Koyasan and Check in at Shukubo Temple accommodation

Lunch on your own.

2:00pm Two - Hour Walking Tour of Koyasan 

The town of Koyasan is relatively flat and many of its attractions are easily explored on foot. Most of the sites, including the GaranKongobuji and the Reihokan Museum are located in the town center, a short walk away from the Senjuinbashi intersection. Among the main attractions, only Okunoin stands outside of the town center at the eastern end of the town. At the western end of the town stands Daimon Gate, the traditional point of entry to Koyasan.

The rest of the afternoon is yours.

7:00pm Shojin-ryori Dinner at our temple - included


6:00am - 10:00am Breakfast

6:00am Dawn Prayer Meditation - see below


Shukubo Temple Retreats - For a culturally illuminating encounter, we will stay overnight at one of the 52 temples offering accommodations an experience of a lifetime. Each temple’s design uniquely showcases aspects of Japanese philosophy and aesthetics. We will witness the inner workings of Shingon monastic life, of which you can take part. To enter the quietude, practices such as meditation (ajikan), listening to sutra teachings and a calligraphic sutra copying practice (shakyo) are offered.

Meals: Shojin-ryori

A vegetarian Buddhist cuisine made entirely of vegetables and edible wild plants, shojin-ryori may sound simple yet that could not be farther from the truth. Harmoniously composed into a symphony of seasonal tastes, shojin-ryori is all about bringing out the essence of its ingredients. Specialties include koya dofu and its sesame-flavored relative, goma dofu.

2) Attending the dawn prayer service

3) Okunoin Cemetery: Otherworldly Okunoin is a dramatic Buddhist cemetery located on Mount Koya. The graveyard contains over 200,000 unique gravestones and monuments which dominate the forest and those resting there want to be close to Kobo Dashi, the founder of Shingon Buddhism, in death.  Many of the memorials are draped with red hats or gowns and these red clothed Mizuko Jizos figures represent the babies and children who have passed by and are placed by parents to protect their children en route to the afterlife. 

4) Torodo Hall: The Hall of Lamps in Okunoin Cemetery

The magical Torodo Hall is one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen on our travels. 10,000 lanterns fill the building from floor to ceiling, illuminating the darkness. They are said to have been illuminated for over 900 years and will continue for eternity.

June 29 (Wed): TOKYO 

Tokyo is a unique city that perfectly incorporates elements from both old and modern Japan. This tour will take you to some of Tokyo's most attractive tourists destinations and will allow you to experience both the top notch 21 century and the traditional faces this mega city has.

6:00 - 8:30am - Breakfast and Shukubo Check Out

9:00am We will take more than one transfers to get to a Bullet Train 'Shinkansen' station 

1:00pm Arrival and Hotel Check in ​

Lunch and Dinner on your own.



June 30 (Thurs): TOUR TOKYO

6:00 - 8:30am - Breakfast and Shukubo Check Out

9:00am Tour Pick Up 


Harajuku, Meiji-jingu ShrineShibuyaRoppongi

12:00pm Lunch at Tsukiji Fish Market - pay your own. 

Truly Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market Tour is great for foodies and seafood enthusiasts. Navigate the bustling inner and outer markets, take a stroll through nearby Hamarikyu Gardens and finish up with a fresh sushi lunch. 


Asakusa and  Senso-ji Temple, Ueno then walk into Ginza to do some shopping

The rest of the day is yours. See Suggested Experiences Below.

Dinner is yours.

July 01 (Fri): THIS DAY IS YOURS 

Suggestions Below or Take A Day Trip to See Mount FUJI 

Note: You may only have 50% chance of seeing Mount Fuji

6:00am - 10:00am Breakfast 

8:00am - Yoga inside the hotel's gym

Lunch and Dinner on your own.


Click: Tokyo's Sights, Fashion, Food, Shopping MORE


July 02 (Sat): Depart Japan Arrive in BALI Indonesia

Depending on flight itinerary:

6:00am Breakfast and Tokyo Hotel Check Out

8:30am Airport Pick Up OR EARLIER  

5:00pm Arrival in Bali

Airport Pick Up and Hotel Check in at

Lunch and Dinner on your own.

The Rest of the Evening Is Yours



6:00am - 10:00am Breakfast

7:30am Sunrise Yoga 

4:00pm Dinner with Local family 


6:00am - 9:30am Breakfast


7:30am Yoga 

10:00am Tour

The Rest of the Day Is Yours

July 5 (Tues): UBUD Day Tour

6:00am - 9:30am Breakfast

10:00am Day Tour of Ubud with Lunch

Note: You might consider checking our tonight especially if you're leaving early the next day.



JULY 6: DEPARTURE from Asia. Welcome Back HOME! 

Depending on your flight itinerary 

6:00am - 10:00am Breakfast

Hotel Check Out and Airport Pick Up



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Non Refundable Deposit due on or before March 15, 2022

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Full payment and non refundable is due on May 15, 2022.


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All participants MUST provide travel insurance. IT IS MANDATORY.

All prices are per person and include a non-refundable deposit of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00)

Full payment is due on May 15, 2022.
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$500 Must Deposit 
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  • 12-Night 13-Day Accommodation 

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  • Daily Breakfast

  • Lunch only if stated in the itinerary 

  • Dinner with local family in Indonesia

  • Yoga Classes (optional)

  • Tours with transportation, museum tickets and entrances, etc. only as stated in the itinerary

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  • Swimming Pool if hotel is equipped with


Flights - All International and Domestic Flights (if applicable)

Boat and Bus Transfers unless stated in the itinerary 

Visa, Passport, Vaccinations that maybe required 

Lunch/Dinner/Meals other than what is stated in the itinerary

Transportation outside of included tours/excursions and other transfers/fares

Tickets to museums and other tours not mentioned in the itinerary

Travel Insurance - MANDATORY - please provide one before the trip

Gratuities / Tips  

Yoga props

Snacks, Drinks, etc not stated in the itinerary

And (optional) Activities:
Other tours, events not included in the itinerary
Spa/Massage/Other Treatments 

The RELEASE, INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT / Waiver will be sent to you before the trip. Please fill it completely and mail it to Henna Fuller 4030 NW Claymont Dr. Kansas City, MO 64116 or email it to henna@culturalwanderer.com or mahenna_2000@yahoo.com

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