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2023 Circumnavigate the World with Cultural Wanderer

Now that travel is back, Cultural Wanderer has launched its 2023 Around The World Tour ATWT August 22 to September 20! Yes, it's taking off to a new level of travel, experiences and highlights of which you don't want to miss. We will go eastward and explore in 30 Days, Six Countries and Five Continents.

Japan has Tokyo’s ultra-modern skyscrapers and Kyoto’s centuries-old traditions, historic temples and shrines.

One highlight is a stay in a ryokan to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality. Check this out.

Experience Everything, Do Nothing as you soak in the sand and sun as you marvel at Sydney's skyline. From nytimestravel In Sydney, the intersection of city and nature is magic.

Riding a Tuktuk is one of my favorite things to explore chaotic Bangkok.

And yes, how wonderful is that to have friends there who can cook and treat us to her family table. Thanks Nina in advance. Her photo in the next blog.

Halfway down our ATWT trip might as well be seeing the sunset at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It's the tallest structure on Earth.

You also have free days on this tour. Suggested experiences will be emailed so you can plan ahead.

The Great Pyramids of Giza were built as tombs and monuments to the ruling Pharaohs of Egypt.

Do you know that Egypt is building their new capital? Cairo maybe has its last months as capital but definitely has still much to offer being the biggest city in the Arab world.

Last but definitely guaranteed a stand out is PARIS! There's a reason why everyone want to see this lovely lady Paris. Experience it yourself. BOOK your trip, secure your spot now!

Note: You will be directed to NKCYOGA Stripe Payment - a very secure site.

The City of Love is worth visiting over and over again. AS a matter of fact, I've been here over 12 times! ...cobble lined streets, wide leafy boulevards, sidewalk cafés, grand architecture and much more.

Let the journey BEGIN!

Due credits to Unsplash for the photos.