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The Balkans Tour
2021 September 18 - 30

The Balkan states have long been overlooked due to the area’s complicated history of conflict and war. For this very reason, the Balkans have remained one of the greatest places to get off the beaten path in Europe. If you’re considering traveling in the Balkans, put these shining destinations on your list. 

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In the cities of ZAGREB, DUBROVNIK, SPLIT, etc.

Medieval cities and villages, national parks and  nature preserves and over 1,200 islands along the Adriatic coast. The dramatic Dalmatia region is flocked to hot spots like the historic walled city of Dubrovnik, the bustling town of Split, and the glamorous island of Hvar. Lesser-known but equally impressive are the heart-shaped Istria and Kvarner. The buzzy capital, Zagreb, is a must-visit destination for its quirky museums, colorful markets, and innovative food scene. - AFAR magazine

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In the cities of LJUBLJANA and BLED

 A diverse travel destination on the sunny side of the Alps, Slovenia offers beautiful nature, culture, history, delicious food, and friendly people.




In the cities of KOTOR and scenic Bay of Kotor
In the city of MOSTAR

Striking highlands, bays overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Venetian villages and walled cities.

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Extend Your Trip to 

Extend your tour to Hungary in Budapest and Hölloko
Extend your our to Albania in Tirana and nearby

Payment Plan Available MUST DEPOSIT first. 

Full Payment Due on August 15.

Flights Excluded and SPECIFICS BELOW. 

12-N 13-D Hotel

Daily Buffet Breakfast 

Local Family

Airport / Hotel Transfers vv


- Croatia to Slovenia
and Return

 - Zagreb to Split to Dubrovnik
 - Croatia to Montenegro  
- Montenegro to  Bosnia & Herzegovina
- Bosnia & Herzegovina to Croatia 

Guided Tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro &
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Museum & Walking Tours 

MUCH TIME FOR YOU after all this is your vacay!

Yoga (optional)

Hikes (optional)


Welcome souvenir/s
New experiences and friends 7 MORE! 

EXTEND YOUR TRIP to more of the Balkan countries. Check Itinerary at the bottom

Extra fees apply.



Sept 17 - 18 (Day 1 and 2) Fri & Sat  Departure from your city & Arrival in Zagreb, Croatia

Arrival in CROATIA at ZAGREB International Airport

Airport pick up and Hotel check in at Jägerhorn Hotel or similar 


The Rest of the Day Is Yours. Lunch, Dinner on your own.

From Audley Travel: Get settled in and explore the capital’s laid-back streets in the evening possibly wandering though the Upper and Lower Towns to see the contrasting architecture, stopping at one of Zagreb’s many busy cafes to soak up local culture, or visiting a late-night gallery opening for a look into the city’s thriving arts scene.

5:30pm Yoga Stretches (optional)

7:00pm Dinner at an agreed place (optional and pay your own)

Suggestion: Restaurant HAS

Sept 19 (Day 3) Sunday DISCOVER ZAGREB CITY ' a thousand years of culture'

6:00 - 8:30am Breakfast

8:45am We will walk to meet our tour guide

9:00am ZAGREB Two-Hour Walking Tour

The Rest of the Day Is Yours. Lunch and Dinner on your own.

Sept 20 (Day 4) Monday Tour The First Green Destination in the World


Vibrant Ljubljana, serene Lake Bled and enchanting Postojna cave.

6:00am - 7:30am Breakfast 

8:00am Shuttle Tour Pick Up.

Note: This is a full day tour so bring and, or wear 'essentials'

Note: We will cross the border. Travel time maybe affected. BRING YOUR PASSPORTS.​

5:30pm Depart Slovenia. Arrive Croatia. 

Lunch and Dinner on your own.

The Rest of the Evening is Yours.

Sept 21 (Day 5) Tuesday


Tour SPLIT 'where ancient meets modern' 

6:00am - 8:00am Breakfast 

8:30am Shuttle Pick Up.

12:30pm Lunch pay your own

1:30pm Two-Hour Walking Tour: The Highlight is the Old Town, the Diocletian's Palace and Climb the Bell Towers of St Dominius Catholic Cathedral for the best views. Note: This is without a guide, we are on our own.

The Old Town is a maze of of streets and cobblestoned lanes that surround the Diocletian's Palace. Cafes and restaurants dot the area. The St Dominius Cathedral is located within the Diocletian Palace. It is the oldest Catholic cathedral I the world. Note to fans of Game of Thrones - You will see familiar areas within the Diocletian Palace such as the Peristyle (the center of the palace), the Cardo (one of the main streets through the palace), and the Cellar. 

4:00pm Continue Trip to Dubrovnik

7:30pm Arrive in Dubrovnik. Hotel Check in at 

The Rest of the Evening is Yours.


6:00am - 9:30am Breakfast

8:00am or earlier SunRise Yoga 


- The Cultural Historical Museum’s past mirrors Dubrovnik’s and gives a peek into the town’s long and tumultuous history.

- The Red History Museum depicts the region’s decades-long existence under Communism. Found in the city’s only remaining Socialist-era factory, the museum offers an interactive experience with an augmented reality app. It’s an interactive time capsule, with hidden information in every room – guests are positively encouraged to snoop around.    

- Museum of Moder Art Dubrovnik’s iteration of MoMA offers a collection of 3,000-plus works of art from the 19th and 20th centuries, all by artists connected to Dubrovnik.

1:00pm Lunch / Dinner with Family - to be confirmed

The Rest of the Day Is Yours


September 23 (Day 7) Thursday WALKING TOUR DAZZLING DUBROVNIK 'The King's Landing'

6:00am - 8:30am Breakfast

9:00am CITY TOUR

Dubrovnik is a magical place so get ready; culture, history, and local lifestyle await!

Dive into the origin of Dubrovnik as you see the city’s main landmarks like Stradun, Rector’s Palace and Pile Gate. And how about the hidden gems? Oh, you’re in for a surprise! Discover the city through our local guide's eyes. Experience Dubrovnik to the max based on her passion and expertise. She'll make sure you have fun enjoying a unique and local perspective of Dubrovnik.

2Euro Tip is appreciated. Note: Wear appropriate footwear, clothes, etc. 

12:00pm Lunch at a local restaurant suggested by the guide (optional, pay your own). 

The Rest of the Day is Yours. You may spend more time at the Old Town  especially the Placa (also called Stradun)


September 24 (Day 8) Friday THIS DAY IS YOURS

6:00 - 10:00am Breakfast

8:00am Yoga in one of the parks

Suggestions, See more below.

Wander in small towns accessible from Dubrovnik and, or Visit its magnificent islands.

From quaint seaside towns to charming towns in the country side.

Take a ferry to HVAR, an adorable town and  the most breathtaking island with amazing views of the Sea. If you’re pressed for time it can be done in a day. The best view of Hvar is from the Spanish Fortress.

If you’re looking for a charming seaside town, take a ferry and head to CAVTAT! Restaurants line the waterfront of Cavtat offering an amazing view of the Sea. A few hours in town will be plenty as it’s pretty mellow. Among the most popular things, are St. Nicholas’ Church and Racic Family Mausoleum, and Monastery of Our Lady of the Snow. Aside from wandering around, the main activity is soaking in the views!

September 25 (Day 9) Saturday


6:00am - 8:30am Breakfast and Dubrovnik Hotel Check Out

9:00am Pick Up and Transfer to KOTOR 

Note: Border Crossing / Immigration may affect, may take longer travel time.


12:30pm Hotel Check in @

Lunch on your own.


I think Rick Steves hit the nail on the head when he described Kotor Old Town as “perfect for aimless strolling.”  

1. WALKING Guided TOUR 2Euro Tip is appreciated.

2. Kotor Old Town is tiny but the maze of narrow streets and hidden alleys can keep you busy for awhile. Appreciate the architecture, get lost, pop into some shops and maybe eat some gelato. 

2. HIKE the city walls to the fortress. Kotor’s fortress walls zig zag up the mountain of St. John, and the ruins of the Castle of San Giovanni sit at the top. 

  • The walk to the top is not for the faint of heart. There are about 1,300 steps and challenging.

  • Use the restroom before hike as there are none along the way, or at the top.

  • Wear proper shoes. The trail is not paved and the rocks are loose and slippery.

Dinner on your own. Enjoy a rakija, the brandy of the Balkans

Sept 26 (Day 10) Sunday THIS DAY IS YOURS

Note: We may have Lunch / Dinner with a Local Family

6:00am - 9:30am Breakfast and Hotel Check Out

8:00am Yoga

Suggestion: Tour nearby towns such as Herceg Novi and Visit a Winery


Perhaps not as grand as nearby Dubrovnik or Kotor but also not as touristy or expensive, Herceg Novi’s old town has some pretty winding stone streets hiding lovely flowered courtyards and, best of all in the intense Montenegrin heat, dozens of ice cream stands.

In the former days of Yugoslavia, Herceg Novi was one of the region’s premier beach destinations. Nowadays, however, it’s often overlooked for the sandy shores and party-centric hubs further south along the Adriatic.

In the height of summer local tourists flood the hotels and resorts that line Herceg Novi’s waterfront. Visit even a little outside this time and you’ll be met with a wonderfully peaceful beachside town where the streets overflow with trees fruiting pomegranates and kiwis and enough fresh seafood to satisfy any appetite.

Suggestion for Lunch at Castel Safina Winery or similar


Sept 27 (Day 11) Monday


6:00am - 8:00am Breakfast and Hotel Check Out

8:30pm Bus Pick Up. Departure from Montenegro 

Note: Border Crossing / Immigration may affect, may take longer travel time.


12:30pm Arrival in Mostar. Check In at this charming Pansion Villa Nur 

The Rest of the Day is Yours.

Suggestion: Enjoy the Street Art Scene

One of the most surprising things in Mostar is its amazing street art scene. You will find some amazing murals all over the city, especially on and around the abandoned Sniper’s Tower, near the university and along Alekse Šantića street. There is also the annual street art festival with artists from all over the world creating their works on the walls of Mostar. 

Click Here For More Info.

Lunch and Dinner on your own. 


Sept 28 (Day 12) Tuesday 


6:00am - 9:30am Breakfast 

10:00am WALKING Tour of MOSTAR - With cobblestones streets, old stone buildings, and the iconic, beautiful historic bridge spanning the picturesque Neretva River, this town looks like it was plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. 

CLICK for more on the Stari Most etc.

4:00pm Lunch or Dinner with Family - to be confirmed

The Rest of the Day Is Yours.

Note: You may consider checking out early at the hotel as we will leave early the next day.

Sept 29 ( Day 13 ) Wednesday 

Depart from MOSTAR. Arrive in DUBROVNIK

6:00am - 8:30am Breakfast and Hotel Check Out

11:30am Arrive in Dubrovnik and Hotel Check In

Lunch and Dinner on your own.

The Rest of the Day Is Yours.


Sept 30 ( Day 14 ) Thursday BYE BALKANS. BYE EUROPE.

Welcome Back Home

Depending on the flight itinerary: 

6:00am Breakfast followed by airport bus pick up. 




Prices, Inclusions, Exclusion, SPECIFICS

Shared/Double Occupancy: $5,245.00 tax incl 

Each participant pays $2,623.00 

Single/Solo Occupancy: $3,745.00

Shared/Double Occupancy Room 

You must provide your own roommate if you want to share a room. We cannot promise, cannot guarantee to provide you with one.

DOUBLE Occupancy means there are TWO PEOPLE  maximum in the room. The two people are sharing the cost of the room for 12 nights, 13 days. They can share a King, Queen or Twin beds.

These two are sharing in paying the entire cost of breakfasts included for 13 days.

EACH person is charged (individually charged) for every tour, activity, transportation, tickets to museums and, or events. ​

​Private/Single Room Occupancy Room:  

SINGLE Occupancy means there’s only ONE PERSON in the room ‘private’ whether the bed is King or Queen or twin etc. 

He / She is paying the entire cost of the room for 12 nights 13 days.

He / She is paying for the cost of transportation for one person e.g. airport pick up, daily breakfast, domestic transfers, etc. 

He / She is paying for tours, events for one person.

Please note:

Non Refundable Deposit due on or before JULY 15, 2021.

If cancellation takes place on or before July 30, 2021,  50% of the trip price will be forfeited including the security deposit.

If cancellation takes place on or after August 15, 2021,  100% of the trip price will be forfeited including the security deposit.

Full payment and non refundable is due on  August 15, 2021.

CULTURAL WANDERER through Henna A Fuller reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, trip leaders, teachers or partners. In the rare case of a cancellation on our part  we will offer a refund of your funds.

All participants MUST provide travel insurance. IT IS MANDATORY.

All prices are per person and include a non-refundable deposit of FIVE HUNDRED US DOLLARS ($500.00)

Full payment is due on AUGUST 15, 2021.

Deposit payment is due on or before JULY 15, 2021.

$500 Must Deposit 

You may pay Henna Fuller by cash, check, money order, online and VENMO to Henna-Fuller OR PayPal to

Mail to: Henna Fuller 4030 NW Claymont Dr. Kansas City, MO 64116

CULTURAL WANDERER through Henna A Fuller reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, trip leaders, teachers or partners.

In the rare case of a cancellation on our part  we will offer a refund of your funds.

All participants MUST provide travel insurance. IT IS MANDATORY.

All prices include a non-refundable deposit of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00)

Full payment is due on August 15, 2021.

Deposit payment is due on or before July 15, 2021.

$500.00 Must Deposit 

You may pay Henna Fuller by cash, check, money order, online, Venmo to Henna-Fuller, PayPal to

Mail to: Henna Fuller 4030 NW Claymont Dr. Kansas City, MO 64116



Hotel Accommodation from September 18 to September 30, 2021 

Daily Breakfast

Airport / Hotel Transfers vv

Inter-country Transfers by Land to Slovenia from Croatia, to Montenegro from Croatia, to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Bosnia, to Croatia from Bosnia 

Tours with guides and drivers, museum entrances, transportation, etc. AS STATED in the itinerary

Walking Tours without entrances to museums AS stated in the itinerary 

Yoga (optional)

Hikes (optional)

Dinner with Family - to be confirmed




International Flights e.g. from Kansas City (MCI) to Croatia, Croatia to USA 

Domestic Flights  

Covid Tests, screenings and other related (check updates)

Passport or Visa 

Lunch/Dinner/Meals other than what is stated in the itinerary

Transportation outside of included tours/excursions and other transfers/fares

Travel Insurance - MANDATORY please, you must provide a week before the trip

​Gratuities / Tips 

Yoga mats and props

​Snacks, Drinks, etc not stated in the itinerary

And (optional) Activities:

Other tours, events not included in the itinerary

Spa/Massage/Other Treatments 

Other (maybe) Useful Information For You:

EMAIL me at IF you want to fly with me or meet somewhere along the way. 

The RELEASE, INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT / Waiver will be sent to you ten days before the trip. Please fill it completely and mail it to:


Henna Fuller 4030 NW Claymont Dr. Kansas City, MO 64116

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You will also receive an email ten days before the trip on THINGS TO CONSIDER while traveling THE BALKANS TOUR THAT MAYBE HELPFUL FOR OUR STAY THERE.


Thank you,

Henna Fuller