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Image by Scott Umstattd

Antigua, Lake Atitlan and Nearby 

Holy Week in GUATEMALA

March 23 - 31
Deposit Due Now

This will be another favorite trip hands down. Some Highlights:

  • Go behind the scenes and mingle with locals celebrating Semana Santa/Holy Week one of the most colorful celebrations on earth.

  • Relax in the scenic Lake Atitlan and nearby.

  • Meet artists and receive your own portrait painting as a gift from them.

  • If there's more time, experience a Mayan ceremony.

The religious processions are unique to Guatemala and a captivating collaborative process of creating elaborate carpets 'alfombras' on the streets. These are masterpieces of artwork, the craftmanship of families, and communities that take several months of planning. 


What's Included:

8-N 9-D Lovely Hotel Accommodation​


Daily Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners as stated

Transfers Hotel & Airport vv, Inland Transfers and Tour Transfers


Tours, Tickets as stated, Tour Guides

​Yoga and Hikes are optional


Wi Fi and More!​


- Ample time for you, after all this is your vacation.

What's Excluded:

Flights / Airfares: United and American Airlines  (United: MCI-Houston-La Aurora Guatemala)

More information, exclusions, itinerary details at the bottom.

Thank You! You are supporting a local charity, 

Mil Milagros @ Each participant's share is $15.00

Secure Your Spot

Double Occupancy Room (2 max) 

Double Occupancy Room (2 max)

Solo / Single Occupancy Room

Suggested Flight Information:


UNITED AIRLINES  have flights from MCI (Kansas City) at 6:15 am and

return from La Aurora International Airport  (GUA) at 12:34 pm.

DELTA AIRLINES have flights from MCI (Kansas City) at 5:30 am and

return from La Aurora International Airport  (GUA) at 1:39 pm.



Photo by Paul Martinez 


March 23 Saturday:
Departure from your city.
Arrival in Guatemala @ La Aurora Int'l Airport, IATA: GUA, ICAO: MGGT

Airport Pick Up and Transfer to Antigua (60-min drive)


Check in at Meson Panza Verde or similar.

Settle down. Depending on your arrival time. Options: 

- Wander around this lovely city. 

- Sunset Yoga

- Dinner Included with water and a Special Performance to be confirmed close to date. Drinks, Tips are yours.

March 24 Sunday:

In the Guatemalan highlands, northwest of Guatemala City. It’s known for its open-air craft market (the world's largest handicrafts market) and indigenous Maya culture (where 99% of the population is indigenous Mayan K'iche and most of them only speak the Mayan language.


If theres' more time, EXPERIENCE A MAYAN CEREMONY.


6:00 - 8:30am Breakfast

8:45am Pick Up and Tour with Lunch 

More specifics will be emailed to participants.

An immersive cultural tour of Mayan hand-crafted arts and crafts, textiles, paintings, pottery, masks, incense, flowers, produce... 

From Lonely Planet: On the way down the hill to the shrine at Pascual Abaj, we will visit Galeria Pop-Wuj. Developed as an art institute for local children with the backing of Project Guggenheim, it holds a small but important collection of oil paintings by the artist brothers Juan and Miguel Cortéz and their pupils. K'iche' classes are sometimes offered, along with the chance to experience traditional Maya ceremonies.

What is Mayan Ceremony:


The ceremonies represented the liturgical celebration of spirituality, celebrated between nature, jungle, cenotes, rivers and ancient Mayan cities and altars are prepared with necessary elements such as water, copal, fire, honey, fruit, sugar, incense, rosemary, bread, cocoa, flowers and other special elements for the type of ceremony and its purpose and thus achieve the connection with the Ajaw. All the sacred energies are concentrated on the altar and it is the central point where it is possible to influence the cosmos, it is done thinking about the 4 directions of the world and towards the 13 Mayan skies, it is the way in which the shamans connect with Ajaw.

Back to Antigua.

The rest of the day is yours.

Image by mana5280

CHICHI Cemetery

March 25 Monday:  Hello Lake Atitlan and Nearby


Lake Atitlan is a cobalt blue lake and the views are absolutely incredible. There are plenty of activities to do such as a hikes, kayaking, or just hanging out on the docks and watch the glassy blue water drifting peacefully past local villages with huge volcanoes towering in the background. Rugged cliffs and lush greenery surround the lake, with tiny dwellings scattered amongst the jungle landscape...

6:30- 9:00am Breakfast and Antigua Hotel Check Out.

9:15am Transfer to Panajachel and be dropped off at the Muelle Tzanjuyú (san huyu). A boat should be waiting for us to take us to La Casa del Mundo.

When you arrive at the hotel's dock, leave your luggage there and hotel staff will bring it up for you shortly.

Note: Take it easy climbing up the steps to the hotel. Your effort will be paid off with the beauty waiting up.

12:00pm Check in at Hotel La Casa del Mundo @ - a cliffside hotel overlooking the entire Lake Atitlan.

Lunch is included at the hotel with water. 

​The rest of the afternoon is yours. Note: Be sure to reserve in advance the wood fired hot tub.


Dinner on your own.

Lake Atitlan is a cobalt blue lake and the views are absolutely incredible. There are plenty of activities to do such as a hikes, kayaking, or just hanging out on the docks and watch the glassy blue water drifting peacefully past local villages with huge volcanoes towering in the background. Rugged cliffs and lush greenery surround the lake, with tiny dwellings scattered amongst the jungle landscape...

More suggested experiences will be emailed. 

March 26 Tuesday:
Tour of Lake Atitlan and nearby villages.

From Lonely Planet:  The Trickster

Perhaps the most peculiar aspect of the celebrations takes place in the small lakeside town, Santiago Atitlán, where believers pay homage to Maximón, also known as Rilaj Mam, a mischievous folk saint.

6:00 - 9:00am Breakfast

9:15am Tour Pick Up

We will tour the volcano-fringed shores of Lake Atitlán in some of the villages for  indigenous culture.  In particular, the town of Santiago is known for its quality artisanal crafts as well for being the home of the infamous Maya saint, Maximon. 

Curious on who this liquor-drinking saint? CLICK here (Source: National Geographic).

Lunch included and water.

4:00pm Back to Hotel

5:30pm SunSet Yoga all levels

The rest of the evening is yours.

Dinner on your own. Suggested experiences will be emailed.

March 27 Wednesday:

An Inside Tour: Behind The Scenes of Semana Santa in Lake Atitlan.

Mingle with locals. Recite or say a prayer. Honor tradition.

6:00 - 9:00am Breakfast

9:15am Transfer Pick Up.

Details will be emailed. Lunch is included with water.

From guide: We will head out to a less touristy village to participate in carpet making for the procession of Jesus of Nazareth and the Virgin Mary. Feel the humble nature of this authentic procession as you intermingle with the faithful locals.

From Admire the intricate and colourful alfombras (carpets) designed with coloured sand, sawdust and, presumably, love, covering the streets before large groups of men carrying the body of Jesus in a large coffin.

You may see women dressed in their most colourful finery followed behind carrying the holy man’s giant cross as though they were hauling it to court to be presented as evidence of cruel and unusual punishment came plodding deliberately along scattering and destroying the many hours of complex work they had put in all night long.

The rest are evening is yours and dinner.

March 28 Thursday:
Leave Atitlan. Back in Antigua.

Tour This Beautiful City of Antigua.


Bread Baking with Family and Community 

6:00 - 9:00am Breakfast and Hotel Check Out in Atitlan and Transfer

12:30pm Antigua Hotel Check In Followed by Afternoon City Tour

Lunch included.

The city is a colonial work of art, with cobbled streets, overhanging tiled roofs and a beautiful, leafy central plaza.There’s an abundance of huge ruined churches, convents and monasteries, testament to a time when Antigua was the country’s capital and its main religious centre.

5:30pm time may change, to be confirmed Bread Baking with Family 

Dinner on your own.

March 29 Friday:

Good Friday EARLY 5:30 MORNING optional tour 


An Aternoon of Shopping, Visiting Artisanal Markets and Mercados and more.

Dinner at El Tenedor - the unique location facing the three volcanoes makes it a special place where to spend a few hours. 

MORE of this lovely city! Pretty colorful houses, flowery balconies, cobblestone roads, street vendors in their typical dresses, old baroque churches, vintage-looking cafes, serving the best coffee of the world, and restaurants for all tastes and budgets. 


Add to it the spectacular backdrop of the three volcanos towering over the city, Volcan de Agua on the South and Acatenango and Fuego East, and you have a magical place.

Option: START EARLY for more dramatic Holy Week fanfare.

5:30am or earlier (over two hours). Enjoy the best route to view the most spectacular street carpets. We will see the La Merced procession.

Breakfast after tour. 



Late Lunch or Early Dinner at El Tenedor (a short drive from the city).

March 30 Saturday:

This Day Is Yours.

Suggested Experiences will be emailed.

6:00 - 10:00am Breakfast

8:00am or earlier Yoga and Hike (optional) details will be emailed.

4:00pm Early Dinner, details will be emailed. Drinks are yours.

Note: Consider hotel check out later in the day for next day's departure.

March 31 Sunday:


Note: Driving Time is 1.5 hours from Antigua to Guatemala Int'l Airport.

Thank You.
Have A Safe Flight!

Note: Please consider DRIVING TIME WILL TAKE 1.5 HOURS from Antigua to Guatemala Int'l Airport.

PLAN ACCORDINGLY and depending on your flight itinerary:


Breakfast, Hotel Check Out, Transfer to Airport.

Have a safe and fun flight back home. 



Double Occupancy Shared Room Cost: $3,930.00 includes tax and deposits 

Each Participant Pays $1,965.00

Note: The use of credit cards will incur extra fees

You must provide your own roommate if you want to share a room. Cultural Wanderer can't promise to provide you with one.

DOUBLE Occupancy means there are two people maximum in the room.

- The two people are sharing the cost of the room for 8 nights, 9 days. They can share a King, Queen or Twin beds. 

- These TWO are sharing in paying the entire cost of breakfast included for 9 days. 

- EACH person is charged (individually charged) for every tour or event, for the transportation, for tickets to museums and, or events. 

Single / Solo (One) Occupancy Room Cost: $2,770.00

SINGLE Occupancy means there’s only one person in the room whether the bed is King, Queen, etc.

- He / She is paying the entire cost of the room for 8 nights 9 days with breakfast included. 

- He / She is paying for the cost of transportation for one person e.g. airport pick up, domestic transfers, etc. 

- He / She is paying for tours, events for one person.

Please note:

Non Refundable Deposit of $500 per participant.

Full or remaining balance is required on December 30, 2023 and non refundable.

Non Refundable Full Payment is required on December 30, 2023.

If cancellation takes place on or after December 30, 2023 One Hundred Percent (100%) of the trip price will be forfeited.

You may pay also Henna Fuller by cash, check, money order, Venmo @Henna-Fuller or PayPal to

Email for inquiries or Call / Text 816.591.3642

CULTURAL WANDERER / Hegina A Fuller reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by the team, trip leaders, guides, travel agents, partners, etc. In the rare case of a cancellation on our part we will offer a refund deemed necessary. Email for more questions.

Continuation ...

A waiver, disclosure, agreement will be emailed to participants a week or more before departure from this trip. 

Please read it, sign and return by email or mail to HENNA A FULLER 4030 NW Claymont Dr. Kansas City, MO 64116 USA few days at least before the trip.

Questions to henna@cultural, Tel: 816.591.3642 


International Flights - Contact for referral

Passport, Visas, Other Travel Documents that may be required

Travel Insurance RECOMMENDED - please provide before the trip

Meals, Snacks, Drinks, not stated in the itinerary

Transportation outside of included tours/excursions and other fares

Tickets to museums and other tours not mentioned in the itinerary

Gratuities / Tips 

And Optional Activities: Spa/Massage/Other Treatments to mention.

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