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About Cultural Wanderer 

which means it's all about me, Henna A Fuller (lol)

Cultural Wanderer is a by-product of all my travels around the world. It started over 23 years ago and I highly give credit to my husband who made it possible for me. 

Yours truly have been to 165 countries on the list of Travelers Century Club and 240+ on Most Traveled People and counting for more! 


With travel, one discovers newly found worlds and you get to know yourself too. It dawned on me that travel is essential and everyone should find a way to. 

I also own NKCYOGA, a yoga studio. With yoga and my travels, the idea of launching a yoga retreat came up.  In 2017, my friend and I decided to hold one, the Paradise Yoga Retreat in Belize which was successful. In the next months and years, I decided to do it on my own with a different approach (no longer a yoga retreat). Cultural Wanderer was born. I built the website and the next year, Cultural Wanderer was more than ready. I encouraged friends to join. From these wonderful friends, the word spread out. Since 2017, it has not stopped since. Check out the places we've been under Where We've Been; to mention some: we were in China in Yunnan province before the pandemic and we made it safe in Oaxaca, Mexico at the onset of the pandemic. In 2021, we dipped our toes in Greece and Malta. That same year, we headed to the fascinating Peru.


2024 Travels are ready now, I'd say do not miss it!



Oh, one more. Check Out My Travel Blogs Click Here.  

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