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Things Learned From My Travels

Updated: Jan 23

The past two decades led me to over 163 countries, territories, and counting. Yes, it’s a wide world full of treasure troves. Life is too short to savor these treasures, to wander in far-flung places as we can only do so much and see while we still can! And what have I learned?

That we, humans, have so much in common. We may look different with the color of our skin, the language we speak, the religion we practice, the culture and upbringing, yet we strive for the same thing: acceptance, love of family, and that special someone (btw, I found mine while traveling), financial freedom, and of course happiness and we need very little to be happy.

The language to communicate is a genuine smile and warm demeanor. With these, you are opening yourself up to a world of human interaction or deeper connection. Learning local words such as 'como esta' how are you or 'gracie' thank you, will go a long way. Next time, look them in the eyes with your smile.

Having an open mind will take you to rewarding experiences. Set aside stereotypes. Interacting with people who are different from you, our experience of the “other” expands. Once stereotypes are challenged repeatedly, it makes it harder to stereotype in the future.

Never judge a country’s culture, beliefs, and people, when you have barely scratched its surface or know nothing about it. Take time to visit, and mingle with the locals. Become immersed in its culture's history, customs, language, and even the food!

Think outside the box. Be spontaneous. Be patient. There'll be bumps- lost luggage, flight delays, being sick.

It is a highly safe and not a scary world. Common sense is always a consideration when you are out there. Danger can be around your neighborhood too. You don’t go out late at night (and drunk), especially in an unfamiliar place. You don’t expose valuable jewelry in public. Also, if you depend extremely on social media for your travel safety, then filter the places you want to go and limit yourself to the wonders of travel.

There are many ways of traveling and the best one is what works for you and what makes you a happy traveler.

My own country, my own backyard, and my neighborhood are amazing and incredible and worth a travel! Last but not least, it is a wide world and we will never be able to see it all and do all that we want to but, as much as possible can try.

Travel with Cultural Wanderer and let's keep creating beautiful travel stories together.

Henna A Fuller

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