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Ah, Travel Baggage Stories

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Travel stories can vary from mediocre to hilarious, frustrating to 'you don't want to know'. I have my share and I'm sure you do. Here's some.

The Case of the Missing Bags: A decade ago, during a medical mission trip in Mustang, Nepal, our four checked-in baggage went missing. Five days later, two bags showed up, but it was our time to say goodbye.

We still don’t know until now what happened to our missing bags.

The Overburdened Suitcase: Embarking on a much-anticipated trip to the Philippines, I checked in two 50-lb bags and went through security. I can’t wait to lounge lazily on the beach, be with family and friends have fun, and eat all you can of my favorite dishes.

Eighteen hours of flight later, we finally landed. That was smooth...

I waited at the carousel for my bags. It took a while, then I noticed a commotion. Everyone was looking at an overpacked suitcase that burst open. Undergarments, toiletries, and personal stuff were scattered creating a spectacle. The suitcase broke too!

Pack wisely and invest in good-quality luggage.

The Lost and Found Treasure: Sometimes, amidst all the chaos, something surprising happens such as receiving someone else's bag only to find unexpected treasures inside. From expensive jewelry to valuable gadgets and $$$ cash, these are out-of-the-blue travel story happenings and,

This has never happened to me yet.

Question: Do you have a captivating travel travel story or two? Do you want it published? You may send it to me. I am creating a book of select travel stories, "The Travel Baggage Stories".

Last, travel with Cultural Wanderer and let's create beautiful travel stories together.

Henna A Fuller

Lady carrying her 'luggage'.
Met this lady on my Annapurna hike in Nepal. Her work requires carrying loads to get to another village.

Walking in the dessert with the help of camels.
Credit to Unsplash for this photo.

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