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Experience a place like a local and

let's weave beautiful travel stories together.

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Lace up your boots and head for Peru's Inca Trail to the ruins of Machu Picchu that mystify and intrigue travelers and historians alike. Take a stroll, get lost, walk on cobblestone alleyways and marvel at magnificent palaces and temples and find your way in the maze of the medinas and markets. Converse with locals and most likely you will be graced to a nice meal. Or, simply do nothing, experience everything in the sublime sunrises and sunsets of Santorini.

What Makes Your Travel With Us SPECIAL

Personalized small group travel (16 max). You will be with travelers who will most likely become good friends after the trip. 

Note: When you travel with a group, it is appreciated to have an open mind and an easy to get along well personality. 


Fine quality hotel accommodations are centrally located and mostly locally owned.

You Have Time To Explore Yourself - free time 

What Makes Your Travel Special With Us

Handpicked and well researched experiences focusing on local exploration, its people, food and more. You will of course find typical tourist attractions yet, definitely taste off the beaten path sites.


With the pandemic close to 'over' hopefully we can re-start visiting with families or wine or teas and even better is feast on native dishes at their homes! 

Market tours, hand-on lessons, and go behind the scenes experiences are encouraged. 

Moderate to active activities. Small group (14-16) led by experienced local tour guides.

Enjoy the company of experienced tour guides who are patient with your needs and fun to be with.

Active to moderate physical activities: Yoga and Hikes are part of the itinerary and are optional. 


$10 to $15 is donated to a local organization. Check Below.



The Cultural Wanderer

Cultural Wanderer is a by-product of all my travels around the world. It stared more than twenty two years ago and I highly give credit to my husband who made it possible for me. 


After several years, I encouraged friends to join. From these friends, the word spread out. That was enough drive for me to launch 'travel as my new business endeavor' but with a twist - considering that I have my yoga studio and, being an ardent yoga practitioner, I decided to incorporate 'wellness' into these travels. My friend and I came up with the idea of an overseas yoga retreat. It was a success! It set the tone. I started planning more, but this time it was all myself and, on a little different approach. I also came up with the name, built the website, and the next year, Cultural Wanderer was more than ready. From 2017 in Belize, it has not stopped since. We were in China in Yunnan province before the pandemic and we made it safe in Oaxaca, Mexico at the onset of pandemic.


Cultural Wanderer caters to smaller groups and works with locals and most times, stays in hotels that's locally owned. It stands by its name cultural as the offered tours are specific to the area/country's heritage and tradition, its arts and cuisine, etc. You as participant/guest is given the chance to interact and engage with the locals such as in a family dinner. Yoga, meditation, and hikes are offered but are optional. It is also considered and important that you, the vacationer is given ample time- to lie down and relax, after all this is your vacation.


Yours truly have been to 166 countries on the list of Travelers Century Club and 220+ on Most Traveled People and counting for more! 

With travel, one discovers newly found worlds and you get to know yourself too. It dawned on me that travel is essential and everyone should find a way to. 

Henna also owns NKCYOGA, a yoga studio. Classes are live stream ONLINE and OUTDOOR, for schedule, rates, please visit

Henna Fuller wil bring her expertise. She has been to 154 countries on Travelers century Club List.

Check this out. Play video below.